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Report a UFO, Alien, or Anything Unexplained...

Report your sighting or encounter to The Weird UFO Show.

EMAIL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS to theweirdufoshow @ gmail dot com while we work on a solution for submitting media to this website. You don't have to include anything in the email, as your email address will allow us to tie it to your report.

Please read: By submitting your sighting, you are hereby granting to The Weird UFO Show / Texas UFO Sightings / TexasUFOs and all its agents unlimited permission to distribute, publish, exhibit, digitize, broadcast, display, and otherwise use submitted media and all report contents in both foreign and domestic markets, and in perpetuity, for any purposes The Weird UFO Show / Texas UFO Sightings / TexasUFOs finds appropriate, including but not limited to: (1) investigation, (2) documentation, (3) education, (4) entertainment, (5) advertising, (6) Internet publication and distribution, (7) television, radio, and print media broadcast, and (8) other lawful use of submitted media.