What's Happening at Skinwalker Ranch is NOT Man-made OR Natural - Dr. Travis Taylor

Everyone knows about Area 51, and how you're not allowed to go there... well, another "area" that you're not allowed to go to is located just one state over in Utah. And that's Skinwalker Ranch. Skinwalker Ranch borders the Ute Indian Reservation, and is named after the "Skinwalker," an ominous, shape-shifting witch, according to the Najavo Indians.

As early as the 1900s, there were official newspaper reports of anomalous things happening in the Utah basin, and these reports became more dramatic over time, including encounters of everything from unidentified flying objects to terrifying creatures to cattle mutilations.

If you're thinking that all of this sounds like a great TV show, you'd be right. The History Channel is premiering "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Tuesday, March 31st at 10/9 central. But before then, you can watch a 12-hour livestream of Skinwalker Ranch starting Monday at 8/7 central! Here's the video for later viewing:

One of the stars and investigators of the series, Dr. Travis Taylor, did a Q&A session for the press. I made a YouTube video about what I learned from that, as well as my own research into this stranger-than-fiction subject...

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