What happens at Area 51...

When Jeremy Corbell, the director of the Netflix smash Bob Lazar: UFOs & Flying Saucers, and the guy who unintentionally and reluctantly helped inspire the #stormarea51 ”raid,” gave me a call and asked me to speak at the first Area 51 Basecamp event ever, I had to think about it for maybe a day. And then I enthusiastically said “yes!!” A chance to be part of history? I was down. And what a strange and beautiful and historic weekend It was!

Area 51 Basecamp was held in Hiko, Nevada, a surreally easy drive away from the iconic Area 51 gates, which although still clad with warning signs to keep the public out and still isolated at the end of a very long, very bumpy gravel road, welcomed #stormarea51 raiders all weekend long... but easygoing tourists are all the gates ever really saw. There were rumors of arrests, of people who crossed the line (literally), but what I witnessed was mostly a calm and charming coming together of truth-seeking millennials and empathetic security guards.

It was hard to not feel the weight of the enormous desert sky all around, with all its stars and secrets... Everyone had a ufo story or wanted to hear one. (Guards included!)

If you didn’t get to go, you can watch a tour of the Area 51 Basecamp event on YouTube, check out my Instagram story highlights from the weekend, and of course scroll through the photo gallery below! (There will be a bit more coverage to come as well, so stay tuned.)

Director Jeremy Corbell, comedian/actor Dave Foley, USAF aviation expert Jim Goodall, musician SUWANA, and UFO Jane give a talk to audience members at the Alien Research Center —->

back to Basecamp....

UFO Jane and UFOBros

UFO Jane and The Rob Matters talk UFOs and aliens (naturally!)

UFO Jane and the Travel Channel

more fun at Basecamp...

The Droids performed —->

And we drank Bud Light...

And we are well. Thanks to West Coast Tacos food tuck !

GLURP the Alien and DJ Paul Oakenfold hit it off

SUWANA brought the house down with her hit, Blackholes, aka the Bob Lazar rap. You can find it on Spotify and other music streaming services !

DJ Paul Oakenfold helped to wrap up the night, along with Colby Boothman —>

Finally, had to check the Area 51 mailbox... spoiler alert, nothing cool at all in there...