West Virginia UFO Video Goes Viral - But There's More to the Story!

A video showing an airplane, rocket, spaceship(!) or large meteorite seemingly crashing down in flames over Braxton County, West Virginia on December 26th has racked up hundreds of thousands of views:

West Virginia Fireball Photo 1
Source: https://twitter.com/Joshuajered/status/1343319444668366848?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
West Virgina Fireball Photo 2
Source: https://twitter.com/Joshuajered/status/1343319444668366848?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Are Aliens to Blame?

While the fiery blaze you are seeing in this video may scare you... don't fret! You may just be looking at a jet peacefully descending in the sky. Under certain weather conditions, when the sun shines through a jet contrail, it can give off this amazing effect, as you can see in the image below:

Jet contrail example
Jet contrail example from https://contrailscience.com/short-sunlit-contrails-look-like-ufos/

ContrailScience.com gives a nice overview of how to identify a jet contrail vs a meteor or, well, UFO. The fact that the object is descending so slowly in the video gives additional credence to the theory that it is just a jet... rather than a crashing alien spaceship, piece of space junk, or meteorite. Another indication that this video could just be of a jet contrail is that no reports of fireballs or meteors were submitted to AMSMeteors.org, my favorite site for tracking such things.

That said, the "jet contrail theory" is still just a theory until we can get an interview with the pilot of this supposed jet!

Weird West Virginia

If you still want to believe that aliens are visiting West Virginia, you're in luck, as I've got another, and perhaps even better, sighting for you! Not long before this sighting, on November 26th, at 1:34 AM, about an hour away in Webster Springs, a bizarre object was seen ominously hovering in the night sky. The witness captured video and photos of the event and submitted it all to MUFON (case 112930) along with testimony. In my opinion, the UFO almost looks like a jellyfish, but the witness described it as "saucer-shaped." As always, you be the judge:

UFO West Virginia photo November 2020
Screenshot from video
West Virginia UFO Photo 2 November 2020
Witness photo
Watched this disc like ship take off the side of a mountain where we've observed other strange phenomenon.
I was sitting in my car waiting on my husband to come out from a friend's house and I caught a glimpse of a bright light coming off of a side of the mountain a little distance away. I then saw a saucer shaped craft rise from the light and smokey cloud. It went quite a distance into the air and hovered all the while spinning. I began taking pictures and a video. The object moved slightly side to side, but mainly hovered and spun for over 15 minutes at which time it disappeared so quickly that I couldn't even tell which way it went.

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Have you ever seen a UFO?

If you've ever seen a UFO that looks like the ones seen in West Virginia recently, report your sighting in order to help solve these cases! Do you have theories about what they could be? Share them in the comments, or over on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!