Was life on Venus already discovered in 2012?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

If you've been paying attention to the news (though I don't blame you, if you haven't), you've probably heard about how there is life on Venus now.

Well, kind of.

Specifically, a toxic gas called "phosphine" was detected inside the clouds of Venus. But it's not as dreamy as it sounds... I know you're imagining cute little aliens floating around in fluffy clouds.

Phosphine is actually a toxic gas. The reason why it is interesting to NASA scientists is that it is produced here on Earth by LIVING things... It can come from decaying organic material (key word = organic) or from... wait for it... THE LAB!!!

So...ALIENS ARE REAL. Right? Well, no, not really. It'll probably take a while before NASA announces that aliens are real. After all, life on Mars has been reported for years! I've discussed this many times before - how mainstream news outlets will quietly cycle through similar news stories, like "water on Mars," over and over, as if it's new news every time. At least recently, the story has gotten a little more creative, changing from "water on Mars" to "methane on Mars."

Back to Venus. Way back in 2012, a Russian scientist claimed to have discovered life on Venus. He noticed what he believed to be lifeforms in photos taken during a mission to the planet:

Mainstream news outlets went on to "debunk" these claims, getting quotes from NASA scientists who suggested photo anomalies and misidentifications. Those same news outlets and scientists, however, also "debunked" the entire idea of life on Venus.... so...

What's next? Will we learn more about Venus? Will life on Mars be announced? According to a video I made back in January 2018. NASA almost announced announced the latter:

Let me know if you think this is all part of "Disclosure" and if you have any theories on what will end up in the news next.

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