Video Shows Beam of Light Coming Out of UFO Over Alabama

According to witness Sean Lenae, two very large bright lights (bigger than a plane) appeared over her neighborhood in Bham, Alabama on the night of December 3rd, 2019. But you don't have to take her word for it because she captured the whole event on camera!

Lenae uploaded a video to YouTube that clearly shows two mysterious lights moving slowly over a set of a homes. One of the UFOs disappears behind a house, while the other stops to hover and upon closer examination, appears to have a ring of lights swirling around it. Then the UFO produces a big beam of light, which Lenae compares to the nearby streetlamps on camera.

Check out some video stills and watch the full video below:

Warning! This video has foul language. Please mute it if you find that offensive, or are around young children!

The video description reads: "You can see the lights are bigger than a plane. Wasn't even shaped like a plane. You can also see the lights getting bigger and going around the air craft. Follow my Instagram @juchidancercircus for more."

Although I found many recent and interesting UFO reports in Alabama, as well as an incredible video of a meteor falling over Birmingham, I have (so far) not been able to find any other reports similar to this one. Let me know if you saw this as well!

Do you have ideas on what these UFOs could be? The witness seems pretty sure that she did not observe drones or planes, but could she be mistaken?