Video of Wild-Looking UFO Over Cuba Goes Viral

A video purportedly showing a bizarre-looking object or craft of some kind hovering in the sky over Cuba was uploaded to YouTube in July by a user named "Joel H." According to the comments, the video was sent to "Joel H" by a friend's mother. It's not clear right now if this video was filmed recently, or if it was filmed by the friend's mother. Or if it's authentic!

UFO Cuba screenshot 1
At first, the object is blurry...

UFO Cuba screenshot 2
Then it becomes clearer...

UFO Cuba screenshot 3

UFO Cuba screenshot 4

Many have been quick to call the footage a CGI hoax, wondering why the UFO was only filmed for 40 seconds.

So far, I haven't been able to find other recent UFO reports out of Cuba to corroborate this one, but many things happen in other countries that never make it to the US news media. Case in point - the witness commentary in this video appears to be in Spanish, so English-speaking researchers may have a difficult time learning about this sighting.

If you speak Spanish and can help translate the comments made in this video, or if you have any more information to share about this Cuba UFO sighting, let me know!