UFOs Show Up for History Channel's Livestream of Skinwalker Ranch

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

A night before the History Channel premier of "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch," viewers were encouraged to go to the network's YouTube page to watch a 12-hour live surveillance of the ranch.

I needed little encouraging.

Although I wasn't able to glue my eyes to the livestream for the full 12 hours (as I'm pretty sure that's not humanely possibly), I watched a lot of the livestream back later, skipping forward and backward through the hours, trying to find something intriguing.

I didn't find any gray aliens, shape-shifting witches, or Bigfoot. But I did find some UFOs.

I also found comments and reports from others who'd watched the livestream, and it seemed that I wasn't alone. Others had seen things, too! Lots of things!

In fact, so many things, that I don't have the time to share it all in this story today. So, here are just a handful of the UFOs caught on camera over Skinwalker Ranch the night of the History Channel livestream (March 30th, 2020)... do you think you can explain these videos? Were you watching the livestream as well? Did you see anything weird? Comment below!

Star-like object slowly descends behind pole:

Start watching at the 6:28:49 mark in the video and see screenshots below:

Bright spherical light with green triangle overtakes camera:

(Possible explanation: a lens flare caused by the camera being adjusted...or a UFO shining its lights, of course.)

Start watching at the 3:07:10 mark in the video and see screenshots below:

Strange sounds can be heard before a single bright flash of light:

(Possible explanation: thunderstorm...or an alien spaceship, naturally.)

Start watching at the 3:44:59 mark in the video and see screenshots below (thanks to Twitter user, e2_Hawkeye, for this one):

If you missed the 12-hour livestream, it's still available for playback. You can also catch the History Channel series "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Tuesday nights at 10/9 central.