UFOs Over... Asia

UFOs are seen all over the world, all the time. Asia is certainly no exception. I recently covered a mass UFO sighting in India, in fact, which I will be revisiting soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few recent-ish sightings from China and Japan I found intriguing.

I can't stress enough, however, that these are just a few examples, literally, of hundreds that deserve investigation by researchers here in the US.

UFO Flies Over Sakurajima Volcano - May 2020

On May 13th, 2020, two different live webcams recording the Sakurajima volcano in Japan captured a UFO - specifically, a cylinder-shaped smokey light slowly descending and disappearing over the volcano. Check out screenshots of the UFO and watch the footage below, which was uploaded by the YouTube channel Volcano Time-Lapse, along with a headline suggesting that it could be a comet or Chinese rocket.

UFO Over Japan Photo Slideshow:

This is not the first UFO I've seen over the Sakurajima volcano. I've never been to Japan (unfortunately), but I used to regularly watch live volcano cams because UFOs frequently appeared in them!!! Especially over the Sakurajima volcano. As an example, here's a video showing "volcano orbs" over the Sakurajima volcano from 2014:

I recommend watching live volcano cams yourself. Let me know if you see anything strange! And make sure to take screen captures.

Do you have theories on what these mystery lights could be? Volcanic ash, lights reflecting off the camera? Let me know in the comments or on social.

Pilot Sees Disc Over Zhejiang, China - February 2019

Another interesting UFO sighting I came across occurred in Zhejiang, China (Jinyun County) on February 6th, 2019 at 2:48 PM. The witness, who claimed to be a pilot, sent in the following photo and testimony of a speedy disc-shaped object to MUFON (case ID 98575). The witness was perplexed by the saucer-shaped "craft" because it moved faster than a drone, was totally silent, and also appeared in a location where there typically isn't civilian aircraft.

UFO Over China Photo Slideshow:

UFO Over China Testimony:

I am a licensed ATP (airline transport pilot), certified flight instructor, instrument instructor and multi engine instructor. I have flown for two airlines. I teach corporate jet training. I was a safety instructor for the FAA. There aren't any civil aircraft ever seen in this area. Object made no noise. Was not a drone due to the speed that it flew. You never see any aircraft in this area at all. No contrails either. Ever. I got only a single picture. It was taken from the Jinyun number 2 bridge, highway G330 in Jinyun County Town, Lishui, Zhejiang China. I was hiking the forested area south of the city. Object appeared from behind a nearby mountain and flew behind Jinyun Tower disappearing behind a tree line. Object moved straight line making no noise at a constant speed. No lights observed. Object was stable, no wobble. There were a few low level cumulus clouds present. Temperature was approximately 57'. I had the iPhone 7+ pointed in the same general direction taking pictures. Object caught my attention because there just isn't any air traffic in this area. It's general shape did not look right. (Not like an aircraft)

What do you think of these recent UFO reports? Do you have any thoughts or theories on what these UFOs could be? Have you ever seen any UFOs like these before? As always, let me know!!!