UFOJane Gets a Tarot Card Reading!

Did you miss out on the LIVE Weird UFO Lockdown Fest? Well, you can relive it all online. Just head over to YouTube or UFOLockdown.com to watch amazing interviews with UFO/alien "experts" and the like, from quantum scientist Deep Prasad to actor/comedian Dave Foley!!

And right here, you can watch a highlight from the fest. In the clip below, Cecily Sailer, founder of Typewriter Tarot, gives me (UFOJane) a tarot reading and gives us all in the UFO community a glimpse of what "Disclosure" could look like in the future:

I've never had a tarot card reading before, and although I expected it to be fun, I didn't expect it to ring so true. I also never considered tarot to be a life tool, something that could be used for self-examination and decision making. Let's just say, this may not be my last tarot reading...

Have you ever had a tarot card reading before? Would you have a reading again? Are you an expert on tarot? Would love your thoughts in the comments!