UFO & Paranormal Researchers Answer Top Questions

In a recent "Weird UFO Show" special, UFO and paranormal researchers, authors, and experts - including Deep Prasad, Ryan Sprague, Melissa and Cliff Barackman (of the North American Bigfoot Center), Jess Rogge, Ken Gerhard, Jaimie and Bri from That One Time I Was Abducted podcast, and @Sasthesquatch - all answered the following questions: (1) Do you remember what age you were when you first got into UFOs/aliens/paranormal, (2) What's your favorite UFO/paranormal case (even if debunked!), (3) Do you believe in ghosts?, (4) do you think Disclosure will happen within the next 5 years?, (5) What are you most looking forward to doing after the quarantine, and (6) SECRET BONUS QUESTION YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS! Find out the answers in the video below: