UFOJane and GLURP the Alien Go to Alien Con Dallas

In episode 10 of "The Weird UFO Show," UFOJane and GLURP the Alien go to Alien Con in Dallas, Texas. Highlights from the event include "Ancient Aliens" stars sparring over the credibility of Bob Lazar, Nick Pope's experiences "storming" Area 51, Giorgio Tsoukalos' recent research into ancient ocean mysteries, and more!


The Alien Con Dallas

Giorgio Tsouklaos

Nick Pope

David Childress

Alejandro Rojas

Mike Bara

Stephen Bassett

Travis Taylor

Caroline Cory

Jonathan Young

Hugh Newman

Rabbi Ariel B. Tzadok

Jim Morse

Thomas Winterton

Bryant Arnold

A&E's "Ghost Hunters" cast, including Grant Wilson (YouTube), Mustafa Gatollari (Instagram), Daryl Marston and Rachel Stratton

The Sasquatch Syndicate -

Krix Beeble (check out her jewelry if you'd like to buy UFO Jane a gift, wink wink)