Tyler from SecureTeam10 Breaks Silence After Arrest

SecureTeam10 has become a go-to YouTube channel for recent UFO sightings. The channel is a creation of Tyler Glockner, a mostly "average Joe" who shares UFO videos he gets from the community, in addition to his own sensational opinions about them.

SecureTeam YouTube

Tough times for Tyler

However, along with Tyler's 2.1 million adoring subscribers, there are plenty of haters. And those haters came out in droves when two months ago, Tyler stopped posting YouTube videos due to being arrested for domestic assault.

Tyler Glockner mugshot arrest

And that's not all. According to Knoxpages.com, "Tyler Glockner, 33, of Portsmouth, was (also) found guilty of Operating a Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or a Drug of Abuse."

Folks online have expressed everything from sadness and concern to disgust and sarcasm about this recent development:

Tweets about Tyler Glockner's arrest
Tweets about Tyler Glockner's arrest

Haters were hating before Tyler's arrest

Ever since Tyler started posting UFO videos to YouTube, he's been accused of faking them and harming the field of "ufology." I agree that Tyler publishes hoaxed videos sometimes. For example, I know of a few amazing Texas UFO videos he's posted that, based my own investigations, were fraudulent.

Tyler shares real videos, too, though! He once featured a legit Austin, Texas triangle UFO sighting from my channel, and so some of you reading this article may have found me through Tyler. Welcome! :)

I've never looked to Secureteam10 as a "truth source" but I also don't know that Tyler has willingly or knowingly deceived the UFO community. But maybe my sympathies for Tyler come from too naive of a place... I can relate as a UFO researcher; you receive so many videos and testimonies, and the best way to figure out the truth about any of it is to share it directly with the community, which may include other witnesses or experts who can help solve the case! But you run the risk of looking like a fool every time you do this.

Tyler making a comeback?

Tyler has now broken the silence on Twitter, tweeting about a new documentary he's excited to work on:

Recent Tweets from SecureTeam10 https://twitter.com/SecureTeam10
Recent Tweets from SecureTeam10

More interestingly, though, a video Tyler posted to YouTube that apparently got deleted was reposted to Instagram by a few misc. accounts.

In the video, Tyler claims that the charges against him are false(!) and that he's being targeted due to his truth seeking. He says he doesn't drink and has a loving relationship with his wife, who he's never assaulted, so "anyone who knows (him)" should know that he's being falsely accused. Tyler also claims that he was "beaten" while in jail.

Re-posted Instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6n-dfNgpsS/
Re-posted Instagram video

The claims that Tyler makes in this recent video are about as sensational as the ones he's made about UFOs throughout his YouTube career. For example, he says things like he'd never hurt a fly, and he only drinks one time a year on New Years Eve.

But does that make him a liar? Or just someone who exaggerates? After all, UFOs are real, and the government effort to cover them up is also real, so should we ignore everything he is saying?

Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between...

Let me know what you think about Tyler and these recent events in the comments below or reach out on the socials. I will keep this story updated so keep following along for more.