Trump will "check on" whether or not UFOs are real

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

When I was informed on Twitter by @jroc2006 (Jonathan Rosado) that "the question was finally brought up to the president" - I knew exactly what the "question" was.... it was THAT question. The UFO question!

And sure enough, Rosado had been watching Fox News when reporter Maria Bartiromo asked Trump "are there UFOs?"

...And Trump answered. He said he'd "check on it" and "take a good, strong look at it" before boasting about how the United States had "created a military the likes of which nobody (Russia, China) has ever had."

He then restated that he'd "check on" the UFO question, and elaborated that he'd heard about (the UFO/Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force) "2 days ago."

This is now Trump's third official official public statement regarding UFOs... he first acknowledged watching the Pentagon UFO videos as well as being briefed about UFOs, and secondly, he stated that Roswell was an "interesting place" and that he would consider declassifying files related to it.

Trump Roswell
- President Trump on Roswell (Photo by @Glurpthealien)

Trump's latest statement stirred up a lot of debate on Twitter. Some believe Trump tried to take credit for the UFOs (implying that UFOs aren't alien at all, but just top-secret US craft), while others believe that he "threatened" aliens and foreign adversaries - who could be operating the UFOs.

Some, like me, think the answer lies somewhere in between.

Even Elon Musk hopped in on the debate, sharing his personal thoughts on whether UFOs are real or not... long story short: no, he doesn't.

Although it's exciting that a US president is talking about UFOs in the public, it's not as surprising as I would have expected it to be. You see, back in 2018, I predicted that Trump may was preparing for UFO and alien Disclosure:

What do you think? Have my predictions come true? Is UFO and Alien Disclosure upon us? Do you think UFOs will come up again before the election? Let me know what you think in the comments!