Triangles Are the New Flying Saucer

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

If I see another triangle UFO... I will start believing that aliens are real!!! JK, JK, I don't need well-documented, consistent, persistent, and ongoing reports of triangle UFO sightings - sometimes accompanied with high-quality photos and videos - to prove to me that aliens are real.

Okay, these reports DO help. But I'm still not sure that we are observing alien craft. What we could be observing is reverse-engineered craft! Rumors of advanced military black triangular craft called the TR3A and the TR3B have been around since the 90s. Fueling those rumors have been prevalent, real, modern-day sightings of black triangle craft or "UFOs."

Triangle UFO sighting
Supposed triangle UFO sighting, credit unknown

Not to mention, just a few years ago, a member of the US Navy released a patent of what looks to be a triangular spaceship! The patent is even categorized as an "Unconventional spacecraft propulsion system:"

Them Triangles Again

Now, some of "y'all" know that I live in Texas and have been reporting on triangles forever! They are nothing new here. Sightings are so ubiquitous that I have started to pose the question to the community, "Who or what is piloting the triangle UFOs?"

Well, word seems to be getting around.

Even major news outlets have picked up on the trend of these triangle UFOs. The UK's Daily Star has recently reported on two triangle UFOs over Texas - one in Houston and one in Bogata (Northeast Texas).

The Houston sighting I ruled out as Chinese lanterns, because the lights don't perform any "weird" moves but just slowly move and then disappear one by one. The Bogata one is another case entirely.

According to testimony and video sent in to MUFON (case 106230), a large, low-flying, red triangle was seen hovering over a roadway in Northeast Texas very early in the morning at 4:52 AM on February 17th, 2020.

Valentine's Greeting from ET, Perhaps

The witness described the UFO as a "Random flashing red bright aircraft about 30 feet above ground in air, flying right at me going 75 mph and then it hovered over my car for 1 second and disappeared..."

However, to me, the lights appear to be hot pink, which is appropriate considering the sighting occurred a few days after Valentine's!

A YouTuber who regularly posts UFO sightings came across this MUFON report and then uploaded the footage to their channel. In addition to the triangle UFO, the YouTuber also noted a mystery white orb darting toward the triangle. I personally think the orb is just an unrelated reflection of light, however you be the judge:

Witness notices strange lights blinking in distance
Witness notices strange lights blinking in distance
Triangle UFO hovers over Texas highway in video still
Triangle UFO hovers over Texas highway in video still
Another view of the haunting triangle over Texas
Another view of the haunting triangle over Texas

One theory I read online is that these lights belong to a cell or radio tower, but based on the witness testimony, I find that hard to believe.

What do YOU think? Can you explain this triangle sighting or others like it? Who is flying these craft? Gray aliens? Reptilians? Our own military?

Let me know what you think in the comments, or on the social channels.

And last but not least... have YOU ever seen a triangle UFO? Let me know!