Large Triangle UFO Over Neighborhood - Witness Posts Video to Twitter

1/26/2020 Update: The witness has followed up with more detail! I asked multiple questions and they responded:

The UFO sighting occurred in St Louis, Missouri, and the UFO made no noise at all. After the witness stopped filming, the mysterious lights / triangle craft (whatever you want to call it) continued on their normal flight path. The witnessed observed the UFO with their father, who you can hear in the background of the video.

original story

A really clear video showing a triangle UFO being (seemingly) followed by a bright orb of light was posted to Twitter Friday night. While the "orb" could be explained away as a drone or plane, the triangle UFO is another story... it travels slowly and steadily through the night sky, and then appears to stop and hover over a home. In the video, you can hear the witnesses commenting on what they are seeing, but you can't hear any clear noise coming from either craft/UFO.

Check out the screenshots from the footage, as well as the actual footage, below:

Triangle UFO January 2020
Triangle UFO shown in video posted to Twitter, zoomed in

It's not clear yet where this footage was taken, but the person who posted it to Twitter (@discountsquash) appears to be the witness, tweeting "we just saw a f**** ufo?" I'm trying to find out more information, but all I can conclude so far is that the UFOs MAY (and I can't stress "MAY" enough) have been seen in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Does this video show a military craft or drone (perhaps a 2020 version of the "legendary" TR3B), an alien spacecraft, or something else entirely?

If you have thoughts or theories about this recent video, share them in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! If you've seen a triangle UFO before, send in a report so that you can help solve this and other mysteries like it. If you don't have photo or video of what you saw, consider drawing it so that other people can better understand!