Top Triangle UFO Sightings...You've Never Heard of Before!

Even if you've watched the recent triangle UFO video leaked by Jeremy Corbell a bazillion times, and you know everything there is to know about the Phoenix Lights incident, there's no way you've seen every triangle UFO video or photo, or read every triangle UFO testimony. Because that would be impossible! There are SO MANY reports!

I decided to go through recent triangle or "V-shaped craft" or "boomerang" or "whatever you want to call them" reports and highlight some of the best ones. I poured through almost 200 cases, and let me tell you, it was HARD to narrow them all down to just a select few! So, rather than go over the all-time, hands down, best cases - which other researchers have already put their magnifying glasses on, I thought I'd focus in on a handful that may have flown under your radar. In the video below, I go through 8 incredible triangle UFO cases:

And for those of you who prefer to read a quick article rather than watch a 14-minute video, here are the top 3 triangle UFO sightings from my list..

3. Triangle Over Missouri, January 2020

A father and son watched - what appeared to be - a dark, silent triangular craft move slowly over their neighborhood. The son posted the footage to Twitter, and later explained to me that after they stopped the filming the UFO, it just continued along its flight path until it was out of sight:

2. Triangle Over Virginia, January 2016

According to a MUFON report, a triangle UFO was seen and filmed flying over a Kroger grocery store in Charlottesville, Virginia:

1. Triangle Over Austin, October 2013

During a live outdoor concert by the Cure, a triangle UFO decided to show up! Multiple videos and accounts of this UFO were reported to me and other outlets. Even a friend of mine (who is not "into" UFOs) had footage to share:

What do you think of these triangle UFO cases? Are these all just simple misidentifications, like Chinese lanterns or military flares? Could it be that our own military is flying top-secret advanced craft over our heads? Or... could aliens really be visiting? Let me know what you think about these top triangle UFO sightings, and more, in the comments below. And of course, if you've seen a triangle UFO, report your sighting.