Top Alien and UFO Gift Ideas

Whether you're really into UFOs and aliens, or you're shopping for an alien-loving friend or family member, this gift guide is for you! Check out these stylish and affordable UFO and alien hoodies, coffee cups, notebooks, and other gifts.

Always Room for Aliens

UFO alien sweaters and hoodies for sale

A cozy and roomy sweater, jacket, or hoodie is an easy way to transform a "same old/same old" look into an original and spacey one. You can take an alien-themed pullover with you to the office and shiver in style, or make sure you have a go-to alien-themed winter jacket that stands out from the crowd! A hoodie or jacket is a great gift, too, because if you get the size wrong, it'll most likely end up (1) fitting snugly or (2) feeling comfortable and roomy.

UFOs Over Coffee?

UFO and alien coffee cups for sale

Theorizing about UFOs and aliens takes a lot of caffeine. Keep the theories coming with these UFO and alien-themed cups of Joe... and tea, and maybe even cereal, and other things, too..

Take Note, Aliens

Every believer needs a notebook... to jot down those wild ideas, as well as personal UFO and alien sightings and encounters! These notebooks are an especially affordable and thoughtful gift idea for the alien lover in your life, with most costing under $10.

Stock the UFO Library

UFO and alien books and movies for sale

There is always room on the shelf for another UFO and alien book or movie. And that's a good thing, because they keep making them!


Joe Rogan podcast often talks about UFOs and aliens

UFOs, aliens, ghosts, and the paranormal have always been fun to talk about! Long before podcasts were popular, alien encounters dominated airwaves. If you're looking for a fun and potentially spooky way to kill time, or just a cheap gift idea for an alien lover in your life, look to a great podcast or show. If you're a fan of the classic radio program Coast to Coast AM, then consider becoming a "Coast Insider" for $6.95 a month. Or you can search for the top UFO podcasts to see what's trending right now (for example, The Joe Rogan Podcast).

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