"There's a whole fleet of 'em"- Navy Releases UFO Videos... Again....

Mainstream media outlets took a brief break from (you know what) to get back to some good old-fashioned UFO reporting. Key word: OLD.

Okay, let's back up a bit... in December 2017, the New York Times broke news that the Pentagon had recently and secretly investigated UFOs. The NYT released two UFO videos (dubbed "Go Fast" and "Gimball") as evidence - with the help of rocker and UFO researcher Tom Delonge and his group To the Stars Academy (or "TTSA"). TTSA posted the same 2 UFO videos, along with a third one, on its YouTube channel, for the public to debate about and "ooh and awe" at.

And then the public largely seemed to forget about the videos.

Meanwhile, the UFO community started to argue about them. Did the UFO videos show alien or top secret man-made craft? Were the videos truly declassified, or just "leaked?" Was the TTSA to be trusted? On and on and on...

Go Fast Forward

Fast forward to 2020, and all of us UFO researchers are waking up to some serious déjà vu. On the History Channel's website, a headline reads "Navy Confirms UFO Videos Are Real and Show Unidentified Aerial Phenomena." Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times posted a YouTube video compiling all the cases with the title "Navy releases video of 'unidentified aerial phenomena."

Now, although these videos were released years ago, they are still worth studying. A new detail I noticed is that one of the pilot witnesses says "there's a whole fleet of 'em." What do you notice in the videos?

Second Time's a Charm?

So, why report the same news twice? Is it really to clean up rumors? Or perhaps this time around the public won't forget, and the UFO community won't argue about it all.

However, something tells me that's not going to happen, and that we will keep reading headlines like this over and over again. What do you think?