"Storm Area 51" Event Comes in Peace...

A new alternative "Storm Area 51" event has joined the Alienstock Festival in distracting Area 51 raiders with live music and food and a fun camping experience. Hey, where better to see a UFO, than alongside fellow stargazing believers at a lighthearted outdoor festival?

Storm Area 51 Basecamp

Storm Area 51 Basecamp will feature "live music, expert speakers, food trucks, Alien-inspired retailers and art installations," as well as "exclusive screenings and appearances by cast of Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell’s hit Netflix documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers." Tickets cost $51 per person, and guarantee parking, two bottles of water, a $10 food truck voucher and commemorative lanyard. To compare, tickets for the Alienstock Festival start at $60 for general parking but it's not clear what else is offered.

Will you be attending a "Storm Area 51" event? UFOJane and GLURP the Alien do not recommend raiding Area 51 or trespassing on government property. However, seeking the truth is always recommended, and you can safely learn about Area 51, UFOs, and aliens on this site and many other places online!