See UFOJane at Storm Area 51 Basecamp!

I'm so excited for Area 51 Basecamp! If you're like me and opted out of "storming" Area 51 but still enjoy learning all about it, then consider heading to Hiko, Nevada (an hour and a half or so outside Vegas) for Storm Area 51 Basecamp. I will be speaking at 3:30 PM on Friday, September 20th, but the event will be held through Saturday night on September 21st, so there will be all kinds of things going on.

Area 51 Basecamp and UFOJane
UFOJane will be speaking at Area 51 Basecamp !!!

Jane Kyle Area 51 Basecamp Bio
Jane Kyle's bio for Area 51 Basecamp

The other guests speaking are distinguished and amazing - Jim Goodall, George Knapp, Jeremy Corbell, Rick Doty! - and there will also be live music with Visitors from Earth headlining. Even comedian, actor, and writer Dave Foley will be there!

Jeremy Corbell Dave Foley
Jeremy Corbell and Dave Foley will be at Area 51 Basecamp