Update! Rumors of Alien Spaceship Over Texas after Mystery "Explosion" is Heard


According to recent testimony sent to NUFORC (case S147475), another possible witness of this mysterious sound has come forward. And guess what? They saw a UFO, too. The witness wrote about hearing a rumbling noise as well as observing a dark oval-shaped object hovering in the sky on July 10th, 2019 in The Colony, Texas:

I heard rumbling sounds and felt it like faint bass from a car, then it became in short [and repetitive] about 10 times.
I looked outside to see if it was a car, but there was a white half oval with almost black/grey on the other half. It floated in the air at about a height of a cell tower for about 3 minutes, looking about the size of a little bird ... then accelerating going over houses to not be seen

Could this be related to what other Texans heard and saw in nearby San Antonio and Wilson County?

Original Story:

UFOJane reports on a loud "explosion" recently heard, and felt, by residents of Wilson County, Texas, from as far as San Antonio to La Vernia. There is so far no explanation for what caused this loud noise. Oddly enough, a UFO was seen in Texas later that evening, so could these events be related? What do you think caused this explosive sound and for the ground to shake? Was it natural, man-made, or could... aliens... be to blame?