President Trump's "Interesting" Take on Roswell

Yesterday, Donald Trump Jr. interviewed his dad, the POTUS. This otherwise "fluffy" Fathers Day-themed interview should have been forgotten quickly... but instead it will probably live on in history.

Trump Jr. asked the POTUS what he thought about aliens, and although the two laughed about it initially, the question was asked sincerely, and answered sincerely... Watch the clip below, and let me know what you think about it:

In the clip, Trump says Roswell is a very "Interesting" place - though he wouldn't divulge details as to why. He also talks about how millions of people want to visit "it" and find out what's there. But what is "it"? Is President Trump referring to Roswell (the city located near the 1947 UFO crash site), or a top-secret facility like Area 51 (where UFO materials from Roswell may be stored)?

When Trump Jr. asks if his dad would ever declassify the Roswell files (presumably), the President smiles and responds that he'd have to think about it.

Regardless, anyone can see that the implication here is... HUUUGE. This means that the object that crashed on a ranch outside Roswell, New Mexico, couldn't have been a weather balloon. A weather balloon is just not that "interesting."

Another thing to consider is that Roswell is hardly the only place where UFOs have crashed or have been seen. So, could Trump be referring to other "interesting" information he knows about UFOs - outside of the Roswell UFO crash? After all...

Well before Roswell, as early as 1897, there was a reported crash of a spaceship in Texas (near Dallas); deceased alien bodies were discovered at the crash site, and promptly buried by the locals. In another example, two women and a young child in East Texas in the 80s witnessed an unexplained craft up close - and experienced radiation sickness afterward! Need another example? How about the time in 1975, when a man named Travis Walton was seen standing under a UFO before disappearing for 5 days, only to return later with memories of being on a spaceship?

If Trump has been briefed on the UFO/ET phenomenon, Roswell wouldn't be the only piece of the puzzle.

But at the end of the day, this could all just be an attention grab... and not the "Disclosure" many UFO researchers are hoping for.

The POTUS does not clarify where he's heard these "interesting" things. He could have heard something from a friend, not necessarily an intelligence officer.

This is now the second time that President Trump has addressed the topic of UFOs while in office. Will there be more statements like this to come? Do you think President Trump is privy to intelligence related to UFOs and ETs, or is this just an attempt to get attention and drive news headlines going into the November election?