Photo Gallery Alien Con 2019 LA

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Amazing vendors and artists, and "Ancient Aliens" stars and fans alike all gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center to discuss everything from alien abductions to UFO and Alien Disclosure. Check out photos from the most recent Alien Con in LA right here, featuring George Knapp, Linda Moulton Howe, David Childress, Mike Bara, Jeremy Corbell, William Henry, Nick Pope, William Shatner, R2D2, and UFOJane and GLURP the Alien, of course.

Also, make sure to get tickets to see the next Alien Con in Dallas in person!

UFOJane arrives at Alien Con

UFOJane explores the Marketplace

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements represented at Alien Con! Follow on Instagram:

An alien and Marylin Monroe pose for the camera.

R2D2 does some shopping at artist Natalie McKean's booth (follow her on Instagram -->

Even R2D2 had to buy tickets!

Uh oh...the Men in Black even showed up!

At Alien Con, there were alien sightings aplenty...

George Knapp casually strolls through the marketplace

UFOJane, @the_rogge_report and Director Jeremy Corbell talking ... you guessed it, UFOs and aliens. (follow on Instagram --> &

Yep, more UFO and alien talk.

Jeremy Corbell's movie Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Sauccer is currently on Netflix

Jeremy Corbell speaks to audience at Alien Con

George Knapp talks about Disclosure on a panel with Jeremy Corbell

Dressed up attendees laugh together in between panels

GLURP and Majungas ("Ancient Aliens" music) pose, follow on Instagram -

GLURP almost had a confrontation with an attendee...but it turned out okay!

GLURP found a fellow alien! Follow the Obiis on Instagram -->

UFOJane learns about Obiis, a lovable Childrens book character created to help kids learn. Follow on Instagram -->

Obiis alien character figures

William Henry talks to fans at Alien Con

Linda Moulton Howe chats with a fan at the Marketplace

fans wait for an Ancient Aliens-driven panel to start at Alien Con

Linda Moulton Howe talks about Antarctica on a panel alongside David Childress and Nick Pope

Nick Pope discusses theory about Antarctica on Alien Con panel

Zachary Taylor talks about strange physics in Antarctica, sitting next to fellow panelist Nick Pope

Linda Moulton Howe and David Childress laugh during Antarctica panel at Alien Con

Alejandro Rojas tries to keep Linda Moulton Howe on schedule as she signs extra autographs

GLURP the Alien shops for a souvenir at Giorgio Tsoukalos' booth

Look, it's UFO researcher Ryan Sprague ( and the Ancient Aliens crew (follow on Instagram for handmade jewerly:

Alien rocks and art on display at the Alien Con marketplace

Peaceful Alien figures on display in the marketplace

...or maybe these aliens aren't so peaceful?

Frightening skull stands out in the crowd

Take a selfie with "King Tet," a rock that looks an awful lot like an alien!

A blue alien comes in peace to Alien Con

Another blue alien shops for merch

UFO historian and author Richard Dolan talks to fans at Alien Con

Dolan, again, talking with fans - this time after speaking on a panel

More panel fun... George Knapp, again, and Peter Levenda this time talking about the new TV show Unidentified

Amazing art work at Alien Con marketplace

Psychadelic art with reptillian image (Follow this artist on instagram!

More amazing alien art and creations

Amazing creature at Alien Con, "Bluetooth!" Follow its creator on Instagram -->

Bluetooth wins the costume contest!

Cosplay star poses for adoring audience (Follow her -->

Little boy dresses up as Gray Alien for costume contest

This couple's costume was a hilarious hit

Do you think this pilot has seen an alien?

An otherworldly king and queen bow for the audience at Alien Con costume contest

More people in costume, but this time just around the convention center! You never know who you will run into at Alien Con

GLURP can't decide what to buy at Alien Con

From books to art to handmade treasures, everything and anything alien, UFO, and scifi can be found at the Marketplace

A lot of very cool clothing brands were also on display!

Tinfoil hats are in style at Alien Con

R2D2 and a Storm Trooper look to be getting along at Alien Con

Even dogs like learning about aliens!

The folks from Gravity Dice can't be missed, with their matching green alien sunglasses (

The Robot from Lost in Space always seems to be looking at you

Spiritual counselor Greogry Possman inspires audience while on a panel

Mike Bara talks JFK and Aliens at Alien Con

Plasma Physicist John Brandenburg speaks at Alien con

Kevin Burns and William Shatner captivate audience at Alien Con

It's hard to follow William Shatner...

So, why don't we just call it a weekend?

Thanks Alien Con, History Channel, and the Los Angeles Convention Center for such an awesome time!!! Can't wait until the next event in October in Dallas.

GLURP says goodbye to the Los Angeles Convention Center

Until next time....

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