New Witness to the Rendlesham UFO Comes Forward with New Photos

5/19/21 Update: I have seen some comments online claiming that these photos are faked, and so I am looking into that right now and will let you all know what I find! I'm also in contact with the website owner of and apparently there is more evidence to come...

Original story:

A new witness to the 1980 Rendlesham UFO Incident, also known as "Britain's Roswell," has come forward with shocking new photos and testimony.

Well, this is all according to, the outlet that received the report. I don't know if the witness has been vetted, but I'm trying to find out!

"John the Poacher" claims to have seen "a basketball sized red orb" with a "black center, like a pupil" that "looked just like an eye winking at you," as Rendlehsam UFO witness Colonel Halt described. John reported that later on he saw "the UFO ... firing beams of light down to the ground, definitely looking for something, God knows what."

Some theories about what the Rendlesham UFO could be, (in addition to aliens, of course), include ball lightning, meteors, a nearby lighthouse, hoax, and/or a combination of these.

depiction of Ball Lightning from the 1800s

I can't find any obvious evidence that these recent photos are hoaxed, but please let me know if you spot anything!

I've reached out to UFO Casebook for more information, but in the meantime, if you have any theories or related evidence, please share below in the comments.

(Or report your own sighting here.)

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