Navy Says Release of Secret UFO Files Would "Cause Exceptionally Grave Damage"

It seemed like UFO and alien Disclosure was upon us. We were getting Navy UFO videos left and right, presidential candidates were making public statements about UFOs on YouTube and national TV... everyone was sharing!

But now Disclosure has hit a wall. Probably the first of many.

Someone at VICE magazine made a Freedom of Information Request for more info on the Nimitz UFO encounter. The Navy let them know that "top-secret briefing slides" and a "SECRET" related video existed. These materials wouldn't be released, though, as that "would cause exceptionally grave damage to the National Security of the United States."

Still from Nimits UFO encounter

Woa... that's pretty dramatic! Exceptionally grave damage. Not just "damage." but "exceptionally grave" damage.

For me, something is not adding up. If you really had classified files that damaging, wouldn't you just deny the FOIA request and move on? Not go and make dramatic attention-drawing statements about it? Would you really want foreign countries, or anyone for that matter, to know that you have a "SECRET" video and "top-secret briefing slides" that could "cause exceptionally grave damage to the National Security of the United States?!?"

And, by the way, this is so not fair, Navy. You tell us UFOs are real, that they may not be human, and they may be a threat! You get everyone all "excited" about this. And THEN, you tell us that there's even more to the story, that you know more... but you can't share because it would just be way too dangerous and scary. What a tease.

We should have expected this...

I have to pause here, and go back to what Luis Elizondo, the government insider who has been instrumental in all of these Disclosures, said at UFO Congress a while back:

  • The goal of all of this declassification is so that the US government (the US government, not necessarily the average citizen!) can learn more about UFOs

  • UFOs are not man-made but that doesn't mean they're aliens from space... they could be from "inner space" or the "space in between"

  • UFOs may be a threat...

  • The Department of Defense edits UFO videos before they are released - this is to protect witnesses as well as other classified information

  • A classified video will never be shown to the public!!!! It has to go through a process of declassification first

  • Elizondo still has security clearance

So, considering all of these "talking points," shouldn't we expect there to be classified UFO videos out there that the government won't ever share with us?

Why do we expect the government to give us all the information about UFOs? Would that be in the government's interest? Would it be in our national security's interest? Probably not.

It has been very clear from the beginning that the government is releasing these files for its own interest (whether that's to crowdsource UFO "knowledge" or to affect public perceptions or ______). The goal of these Disclosures, in my opinion, is not to inform YOU about UFOs; it's so that the government can be informed about them.

Executive Order 13526

What's really interesting is that the Navy referred to Executive Order 13526 when they denied the FOIA request. In that executive order, there is a "provision that information that still needs to be classified can stay classified." Makes sense, and that's not the interesting part. The interesting part is that five of the seven US presidents who have used Executive Orders like this in the past had deep connections to the UFO phenomenon.

screenshot presidents executive orders
Presidents who have used Executive Orders

Truman was alarmed by UFO sightings that occurred during his term, Eisenhower approved of Area 51, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter both openly talked about seeing UFOs, and Bill Clinton's advisor was John Podesta, a now (in)famous UFO and alien Disclosure advocate (not to mention, Hillary Clinton included UFO and Alien Disclosure in her presidential campaign).

This cat and mouse game between the public and the US government, where the mouse is the "truth about UFOs and aliens," has been going on for a while.

Waiting for the next video...

UFO researchers and newshounds are pretty sure more UFO videos and files will be released over the coming years, if not months or weeks. But it doesn't sound like anything related to the Nimitz UFO encounter will be shared with us soon.

That said, UFOs are a modern-day phenomenon and people are seeing and reporting them all the time. We don't really have to wait on the US government to declassify anything to continue to study and learn about this subject.

In fact, if you've seen a UFO, report your sighting! Disclosure is up to YOU!