Mysterious, Large "Orbs" Hover in Daytime Sky Over Kansas City

A really amazing sighting of two very large, very bright, circular orbs hovering and moving across the daytime sky over Kansas City, Missouri on June 20th, 2019, has been uploaded to YouTube.

ufo orb and plane
A plane passes under a mysterious, bright-shining light in the daytime sky

ufo orb up close
UFO orb up close

Many people, including the witness, suggest that these UFOs could be balloons. Not party balloons, of course. But DARPA's stratospheric balloons, or "adaptable lighter than air (ALTA)" vehicles, which can fly as high as 75,000 feet and also navigate the wind. As their name suggests, these balloons literally hover around in the stratosphere. To compare, an average commercial plane will only fly as high as 25-35,000 feet.

Another theory is that these UFOs could be two of Google's "loon balloons," which also fly up to the stratosphere.

There's a problem with these theories, though. The balloons made by DARPA and Google are big, but not bigger than a commercial airplane. Google's loon balloons are "50 feet wide by 40 feet high," while a typical passenger airplane has a wingspan of around 100 feet. In the YouTube video, the UFOs seem larger than the planes below them, but the eye and the camera can play tricks!

According to, it is possible to see a Google loon balloon with the naked eye while standing on the ground, but not likely. If you did see one, it would appear as a "small white dot."

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