Mysterious "Drone" Fleet Haunts Colorado Residents

A fleet of drones has been reportedly flying over a county in Northeast Colorado night after night for the last two weeks! But these aren't just any drones. They have a six-feet wing span. And no one knows who's flying them. They sometimes fly solo, and other times, fly in groups.

Check out some footage and stills of these spooky drones below:

The "drone squadron" has been seen in Yuma County, Colorado all the way up to Nebraska.

Many people online are speculating about what these creepy, anonymous drones are up to - could they be looking for someone or something? Could these drones be top-secret military drones? One thing's for sure, if you live in Colorado and have seen or heard these, you probably want answers.

Let me know if you're a witness of these strange Colorado drones. If you have ideas on why they are showing up, share them on Twitter, Facebook, or here in the comments.