Mass UFO Sighting in India - But is it a misidentification?

4/8/2020 Update - The verdict online seems to be... Chinese lanterns. A twitter user and witness to this "UFO" was kind enough to share her take, as well as an example photo of the type of lantern she believed sky watchers were mistaking for a spaceship:

Original story

Many living in India - all over the country, from Bangalore to Chenaii to Lucknow - were surprised to see a UFO hovering in the nighttime sky. They took photos and videos and posted them to Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and MUFON. Well-known "Ancient Aliens" theorist and world explorer Praveen Mohan even tweeted about the sighting!

Check out evidence of this mysterious light over India below, and let me know what you think in the comments or on social media (I'm on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

UFO Over India:
UFO up close
UFO Over Locknow India - Mufon case 107518 -

Some have suggested that this could be a Chinese lantern, and perhaps the lack of light pollution in India (due to the lock down) just led people to look up at the sky more than before, and notice things like this.

What do you think? Did you see this as well?

Do you think people will start noticing more UFOs as cities close down and the stars (and other things...) brighten up?

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