Joey Diaz Lived in a Town Where a UFO Landed - Joe Rogan Podcast

On a recent Joe Rogan podcast, Rogan and his guest, comedian and actor Joey Diaz, discussed UFOs and aliens at great length. Although Rogan expressed cautious "optimism" about the likelihood of aliens visiting Earth, Diaz shared his belief that Northern New Jersey is a UFO hotspot.

Joey Diaz on Joe Rogan
Joey Diaz talks to Joe Rogan about the tic tac UFO

Diaz claims that Hudson County, New Jersey is the #1 place to see UFOs. He says people will be on their balconies "drinking their coffee" and they will see a "little flying saucer" go by.

In 1975, Diaz was a boy living in New Jersey when the North Hudson Park or "Stonehenge" UFO incident occurred. According to UFO researchers and witnesses alike, a UFO landed in a little league park in the 70s, and strange beings got out of the craft and seemingly gathered soil samples. claims that "the UFO entered a playing field and hovered a few feet off the ground. A panel opened between two windows, and a ladder emerged. Seconds later about ten identically clad little figures -- they wore white one-piece outfits with hoods or helmets that obscured their facial features -- came down the ladder. Each figure dug a hole in the soil with a spoonlike device and dumped the contents into a bag each carried. The figures then rushed back into the ship, which took off toward the north."

Diaz explains on the Joe Rogan podcast that soon after the UFO encounter, the FBI "circled the park" and "locked off" the area, like it "was Area 51."

North Hudson Park UFO resaerch
UFO researcher Budd Hopkins investigates New Jersey sighting

As news continues to trickle out about UFOs being a real phenomenon that the government takes real seriously, should we revisit old UFO cases like this one and talk to the witnesses again? In the past, the government denied the existence of UFOs and certainly denied that it ever investigated them. But now that the government is coming forward about the truth about UFOs, perhaps these cases should be reopened?

What do you think about UFO sightings in New Jersey? Are there as many as Diaz claims? Were you a witness to the Stonehenge UFO incident? Check out the Joe Rogan interview below and let me know what you think about it in the comments or on the socials:

UFO talk starts around 16:50: