Is This The End of SecureTeam10? - Video of Tyler Glockner Arrest Made Public

SecureTeam10 may be the most subscribed-to "UFO" channel on YouTube. And right now, it may also be the most hated.

Every week, YouTuber Tyler Glockner shares recent UFO sightings and his conspiracy theories about them. He gets hundreds of thousands of views per video! Sometimes the UFO sightings are real. For example, Tyler featured a Texas triangle UFO sighting from my channel once. But oftentimes, the sightings are fake or poorly vetted, earning Tyler a bad reputation in the "ufology" field... which, to be fair, is filled with a lot of over-serious people who have a tiny reach compared to Tyler's, and are probably a little jealous.

That said, it's not just the UFO researchers who are calling Tyler out this time... Tyler's fans are starting to turn on him now!

Trouble with the Law... or the Men in Black?

About three months ago, Tyler stopped posting videos. The reason? He got in trouble with the law on two separate occasions - he was first arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and then for domestic assault.

When all of this news first came out, Tyler claimed in a video that the charges were false, and that law enforcement was unfairly harassing and targeting him due to his UFO truth seeking. Tyler even stated he was beaten while in jail! This video was removed from YouTube, but it was archived on an Instagram channel where you can still watch it today:

Tyler Posts New Video to YouTube

In January, Tyler surprised viewers with an out-of-the-blue video upload titled "Update: SecureTeam Will Return" and in it, he says he's not perfect and has just been going through a tough time. He says he's still working and would be back with more videos soon. He made no mention of the MIB or cops roughing him up...

...and hasn't posted a video since.

Was Tyler Set Up?

Now, although Tyler's early claims of being beaten up in jail seemed contrived to me at the time, I kept an open mind. I think it's possible Tyler is going through a tough time and is ALSO getting "too close" to the truth. After all, he has 2.1 million YouTube subscribers, so he plays a big role in waking people up to the UFO phenomenon, like it or not.

So, maybe, just maybe, Tyler would be a target for a group like the Men in Black to take down? And maybe, just maybe, he would be an easy target... he has a drug problem that can be exploited, and has pissed off many UFO researchers who would be eager to gang up on him on Twitter.

Or maybe not.

Investigator and YouTuber Lions Ground has pretty much shut that theory down, as well as Tyler's Patreon.

Video Shows Tyler Getting Arrested

Dash cam footage showing Tyler's arrest for operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol has been released and posted to the Lions Ground YouTube channel. What can we learn from this video? The police officers in Ohio are very polite, and appear to have no interest whatsoever in (a) beating Tyler up, or (b) stopping him from seeking the truth about UFOs:

In the video, a police officer drives up to a truck that's crashed into a ditch. Police are already on the scene, and Tyler's already been put in a patrol car. Tyler eventually comes out of the car to talk with officers and perform a sobriety test, which he is too unstable to do. Tyler mentions medications, and at one point, an officer can be heard saying "Ambien."

Early on in the video, Tyler refers to a girl, who he thinks is still in the wrecked truck; this confuses (and also amuses) the officers, who check in the truck for her, but find nobody.

Some Questions...

Now, what bothers me about this video is we don't see the "before" part, so we have to take the officers' words about what happened. The officers discuss seeing a smashed mail box and car tracks, which indicate that Tyler was driving recklessly and hit a mailbox, before turning around and crashing into a ditch.

But here's the thing - it's still possible that Tyler was set up, just not by the Ohio police officers who arrested him in the dash cam video.

If the MIB are real, why couldn't they drug Tyler and then place him in a wrecked truck? Or even run him off the road? Tyler is disoriented in the video, and even thinks there's a girl in the truck. He also doesn't ever address the crash in the video. This means that Tyler may not remember the crash, and that his last memory may have been being at home with his girlfriend!... just saying.

Another unfortunate part of the video is there are many "muted" parts" in it, and you can barely hear anything Tyler says, whereas you can hear the officers loud and clear. If there is another side to the story that Tyler is sharing with the officers, we can't hear it in this video.

Does that mean Tyler was set up, though? Despite these lingering questions, I would say "NO." There is not enough evidence, in fact - there is zero evidence, that indicates any law enforcement targeted Tyler because of his YouTube channel, or roughed him up in jail. And in fact, based on Tyler's latest YouTube video, even Tyler isn't "selling" that narrative anymore.

More Tough Times Ahead?

If you think things couldn't get worse for Tyler, well hang on. Lions Ground also found out that the iconic logo that SecureTeam10 uses is an original work of art made by JJ Ying, who published it on the website back in 2007.

This "copyright" issue is a pretty big one, as it means JJ Ying should be entitled to some of the profits that Tyler has made over the years making YouTube videos, and selling shirts and other merchandise featuring the logo!

Those profits are surely dwindling now, though... As Tyler's Patreon has recently been removed.

The timing of all this indicates that Patreon page was taken down due to the copyright issue, but I'm not sure yet.

Where to Go From Here?

My suggestion for Tyler is to come clean about everything, no excuses, no Men in Black stories - work out an agreement with JJ Ying, apologize for all the deception (Ohio law enforcement needs the biggest apology of them all, in my opinion), etc, etc.

Then, take a step back from all of this and decide how and if you really want to contribute to "ufology" moving forward - there may be a really great comeback story for you here!

You can take a break from this, Tyler. UFOs aren't going anywhere. They will be here when you get back. For that matter, so will the MIB... and who really has time for them, anyways?