India Is Waking Up to UFOs - Is the World Ready?

In the latest episode of "The Weird UFO Show," I got to talk with the real-life Indiana Jones, Praveen Mohan, for the second time. Mohan is a renowned explorer and expert on ancient, mysterious sites, so I'm always checking into his YouTube channel to see what cool, "new" temple carving or structure he's uncovered.

Mohan lives in India, and so in addition to exploring ancient sites in the country, he also has a great pulse on the people who live there. Case in point: Mohan has been receiving a bunch of new UFO reports in India, even though he's not a ufologist.

Mohan speculates that due to the recent lockdown restrictions in the country, Indian citizens are simply spending more time alone than ever before, hanging out on their balconies, sitting on their rooftops, and looking up at the sky! This is causing them to see UFOs. UFOs that maybe were there all along, but had been previously overlooked. Watch him talk about this in the clip below:

Mohan goes on to explain how "a UFO watcher in India is completely different than a UFO watcher in the US" and that "this is just a starting point:"

US researchers and witnesses should keep this in mind when considering evidence that originates in the country. There could be some misidentifications to sort through, but perhaps the thing to focus on is not the actual increase in UFO sightings in India, but how it will affect, or perhaps even expedite, worldwide Disclosure?