If Bernie Sanders Finds Out About UFOs and Aliens, He'll Announce It on Joe Rogan

The "Joe Rogan Experience" made major news headlines again this week. Podcast host Joe Rogan was able to land an interview with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and the hour-long YouTube video has gotten over 6 million views so far, with 248,000 likes, and mostly positive comments. That's newsworthy all by itself, but it's what Rogan and Sanders discussed very briefly at the end of the interview that may have caused it go viral.

Bernie Sanders Aliens
Bernie Sanders says he will let Joe Rogan know if he finds out about aliens

Toward the end of the podcast, Joe Rogan asked the Vermont Senator whether or not he'd disclose the truth about UFOs and aliens to the public, if he were to find out something while in office.

Sanders replied: “Well, I’ll tell you, my wife would demand that I let you know,” joking that she has already asked for information about aliens, assuming a senator might know a thing or two. Sanders claims to have zero access to any records, but he promised that if ever did find anything out, he'd announce it on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” 

Surprisingly, Bernie Sanders is not the first politician, or presidential candidate, or president, for that matter, to talk about UFOs and aliens publicly. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Sanders ran against Hillary Clinton who, at the time, also promised to get the bottom of UFOs and aliens if elected.

Before that even, former presidents Jimmy Carter and the late Ronald Reagan spoke out about seeing UFOs, Bill Clinton told Jimmy Kimmel that he "wouldn't be surprised" if aliens existed, and Barack Obama told a young, inquiring guest of The Ellen Show that "We haven't actually made direct contact with aliens yet. But when we do, I'll let you know."

Even farther back in history, there is a video that shows president Harry Truman seriously talking about "flying saucers" and how they've been around for a long time!

Finally, this year, President Trump even chimed in on the topic, saying that while he doesn't believe in UFOs, he is briefed on them and he does think the witnesses are credible.

Now that Bernie Sanders, along with Joe Rogan's help, has thrown the topic of UFOs and aliens into the ring, will other presidential candidates also speak out? Will UFOs become a part of the 2020 presidential debate? Do you believe that the Disclosure of UFOs and Aliens is coming to the US soon? Or are all would-be presidents naive to think that they can just share whatever information they want with the American people?

Watch the interview below, and let me know what you think about all this (as usual) in the comments or on the social media channels.

Scroll to the 1:07:00 mark, or click this link, to watch the UFO question at the end: