Grant Cameron Removed as Speaker from Alien Snowfest

Alien Snowfest welcomes UFO nuts to Big Bear Lake, California with a friendly logo featuring three green aliens wearing matching beanies and chilling out in front of serene, snow-capped mountainside. I'm getting major FOMO Just thinking about it...

But even this laid-back California fest can't escape the drama of Twitter.

Twitter drama over Grant Cameron being removed as speaker for Snowfest
Twitter drama over Grant Cameron being removed as speaker for Snowfest

This weekend, Snowfest will likely be padded with hushed gossip about Grant Cameron, the guest who was supposed to be there.

Grant Cameron is one of the original ufologists (in more ways than one). His journey started back in 1975 when he witnessed a UFO flap in Manitoba. His focus since has been the government - White House officials and presidents who've had interest in UFOs, as well as the Canadian government (especially its 1950s-era top-secret program "Project Magnet," very reminiscent of Project Bluebook).

For Snowfest, Cameron was set interview L.A. Marzulli, an author who writes on the Nephilim. And in fact, Snowfest's online schedule still reflects that. But in a recent tweet, Cameron shared that he'd been "removed as a speaker for the Alien Snowfest."

Grant Cameron removed as speaker from Alien Snowfest
Grant Cameron removed as speaker from Alien Snowfest

This started an outraged chain of tweets from fans speculating about why Cameron was removed. At one point, I read that Cameron didn't want to interview L.A. Marzulli and that was why. I can't find that tweet anymore, however the theory makes sense, as the original schedule may not have had Cameron interviewing Marzulli at all.

In an older tweet from Cameron, it's clear that Cameron was excited to interview Nick Pope. (Nick Pope also references this in his twitter reply to Cameron about being removed as a speaker.)

However, in Snowfest's updated schedule, Cameron is only interviewing Marzulli. No interview with Nick Pope. And no featured guest speaking slot, either.

Consider that last year (at least according to Snowfest's 2019 online schedule), Cameron was one of the main speakers. So, it's feasible that Cameron wasn't too thrilled with this year's schedule, and may have felt slighted..

Grant Cameron speaker change for Alien Snowfest

But so far, all we can do is speculate.

Are you going to Snowfest? Are you disappointed about this recent development? Got any info about what is going down on the slopes of Big Bear? Let me know!!!