Flying Saucer? Filmed in South Korea

10/22/2020 Update: According to multiple sources, some who have contacted me personally (YouTubers Spooky and UFOofInterest, The Zignal and TbayUAP on Twitter, and others), the video below does not show a UFO over South Korea... but is actually a hoax, made with a "UFO Camera" app.

Check out some video analysis that points out the unstable motion tracking, as well as the CGI UFO:

Original story

A YouTube video showing a white disc hovering in the daytime sky over South Korea has been uploaded. Thank you to Jonathan Rosado (@jroc2006) for bringing it to my attention on Twitter!

The witness shared some detail in the comments; it appears the witness summoned this UFO, which had a message to share - to do good things every day:

ufo south korea
Screenshot from UFO video
south korea ufo zoom
UFO up close

What do you think of this footage? Could it be a hoax? Or is this witness just misidentifying something (like a drone or blimp) and assuming it is a UFO they summoned?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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