Elon Musk Tweets UFO Photo? + 3 reasons he could be a "secret" UFO believer

After Elon Musk made fun of UFO believers with a meme, he tweeted a photo from the Mars Rover that... shows a UFO. Well, at least I think so. A clear dark round object can be seen hovering over the Mars horizon in this photo posted by Musk (open up the image in a separate browser, and scroll to the very far right and zoom in to see it): https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1374991664280834054

Here's a high-contrast "error level analysis" comparison of the Mars photo, courtesy of FotoForensics.com, to help us analyze it:

(Ps, if I might interrupt, you can watch the video version of this story here:)

Now, some theories online suggest that this is no UFO at all, but Phobos, one of Mars' two moons, or our own "Mars helicopter" drone, Ingenuity. I'm not sure what it is, but it doesn't sound like anyone has the real answer just yet. I've reached out to NASA to see what their theories could be, but in the meantime, let me know what YOU think in the comments.

Regardless of this recent tweet, I have always been a big believer that Elon Musk is a big believer in UFOs and aliens. Here are THREE reasons why:

  1. In 2016, Elon Musk considered the theory that a "UFO" caused the explosion of one of his rockets. So, from this alone, it's easy to conclude that Musk is no stranger to the idea of UFOs, or to the idea that they could be dangerous. That's not to say Elon Musk thinks every UFO, or this particular UFO, is "alien." But to act like he hasn't thought about UFOs that much in interviews, in MY opinion, is a... lie. See the "subtweet" where Elon Musk acknowledges the drone theory and the video of the UFO appearing to shoot something into a Space X rocket before it explodes here.

  2. Elon Musk named two of his companies "Tesla" and "the Boring Company" - and I think these names could have multiple meanings. Inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla, for example, was known to experiment with ball lightning - a natural but very weird phenomenon that wasn't accepted by scientists for a while, and was often associated with the UFO phenomenon - and to draw designs of flying machines/spacecraft. Tesla was probably into UFOs, and so is Elon Musk. Another company of Musk's, "the Boring Company," could have an even more significant meaning. I am wondering if Musk would rather us look down below for the aliens, rather than up above. Boring refers to "tunneling," which make sense because the company supplies "tunnel construction services." But could "Boring" be a play on words? Is he making a joke that we think our planet is so "boring," and as a result, we are missing what is right under our nose... ETs living underground? Since I put together this theory, Musk has actually made a "joke tweet" about the Hollow Earth theory, in regards to the recent King Kong movie!

  3. Elon Musk only ever jokes about UFOs - this is a sign that he may not want to, or be allowed to, talk about UFOs in a serious/real way. The way Musk laughs off UFOs as if there's no real evidence tells me that he wants to distance himself from the "UFO and Alien Disclosure" crowd, and not clue fellow human... or perhaps, alien... space travelers into all his inner thoughts on the subject. He also may think that we are looking in the wrong direction for the "truth." (See point #2 above.) Finally, for all we know, he has been briefed on UFOs and is not even allowed to let anyone know what he knows, if you know what I mean! We can't know Musk's true inner thoughts on UFOs, nor should we, but we can look to the past to see how UFOs have been "covered up" before. The Arizona governor, for instance, made jokes about UFOs right after the Phoenix Lights incident, only to later admit to believing the lights were part of a spaceship, and wanting to make jokes about it, so citizens would not panic. And of course, we are all well-versed in the "Roswell cover up." This pattern of deception is tried-and-true in UFO history, and I don't see why a man sending rockets into outer space should be impervious to that. In fact, we can even point to one of his direct peers, Robert Bigelow, to demonstrate that very idea... Bigelow had secret contracts with the Pentagon to store UFO debris in his Vegas buildings whilst doing press interviews where he talked about UFOs openly, but acted like he was just an everyday believer (with no insider info at all). He also said that "aliens are right under our noses." (See point #2/Hollow Earth theory.)

What do you think about this recent "Mars UFO sighting" and my theories on Elon Musk? Is the Mars UFO just the Phobos moon, or one of our own drones? Or could the aliens be watching us watch them? Is Elon Musk a skeptic about UFOs and aliens, or a secret believer? Share your thoughts, theories, and opinions in the comments or on social (you can chat with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube).

Lastly, for the more visual learners, here's a video summary of this same story:

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