Disclosure by Disney

In the YouTube clip below, UFO Jane ponders about Disney and UFO and Alien Disclosure. Since Disney now owns arguably the best science fiction/alien films of all time (E.T. the Extraterrestrial, Star Wars, and Alien, to name a few...), could Disney execs be planning for a future real world where everyone knows that aliens are real?

What can't be doubted is that Hollywood has played a big role in how people imagine aliens to be (from friendly, like in Paul or E.T., to terrifying, like in Predator or Alien). Intended or not, these preconceived notions could have a big impact on how a real-life Disclosure scenario would go down.

UFO Jane, Disney and Disclosure:

In many ways, Hollywood has already brought Disclosure. For example, there are real people, living right now!, who believe in a Galactic Federation of Worlds, which they describe as "a large coalition of civilizations ... located in the Sirius star system" who "work together for the harmonious existence of all life in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond."

What's even wilder to think about is... maybe they are right. Maybe there IS a galactic government up there, consisting of members from different advanced alien species.

Do you think UFO and Alien Disclosure is nearing? Could Disney be planning for it, or even be a part of it? Let me know in the comments here or over on YouTube!

I have one prediction I feel confident in making. Someone has GOT to make realistic R2D2 one of these days!!! I don't think alien contact is required for that.