Did a Pentagon Worker Leak New UFO Footage?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

According to Rumble.com, a video showing an otherworldly-looking light zipping through the night time sky, and abruptly changing directions and stopping to hover along the way, has been leaked by a Pentagon employee. The video also shows the UFO appear to take interest in a passing airplane, which by comparison is traveling much slower. The objects get close to each other before going separate ways.

ufo in nighttime - leaked footage
Video still 1: UFO speeds through the sky

ufo in nighttime - leaked pentagon footage
Video still 3: UFO passes by possible star or satellite

ufo in nighttime - leaked pentagon footage
Video still 4: UFO continues to travel through sky

ufo in nighttime - leaked pentagon footage
Video still 5: UFO seemingly interacts with passing airplane

ufo in nighttime - leaked pentagon footage
Video still 6: UFO stops and reverses coarse before traveling again

If this story had come out several years ago, people would have likely doubted it. These days, though, it's anyone's guess, as UFOs are no longer a top-secret matter. In December 2017, the Pentagon released UFO footage to the New York Times and since then, Navy pilots and multiple US politicians have spoken out publicly about their interest in modern-day UFOs. Even President Trump acknowledged that he'd been briefed on UFOs.

The Pentagon, Photo credit: David B. Gleason from Chicago, IL: https://www.flickr.com/people/71861129@N00

Tic Tac Toe ufo footage
"Tic Tac" UFO (still from Pentagon official released UFO footage)

That said, is this a true story? It appears that almost anyone can write for Rumble.com, as there is a "write articles" link included in the main menu of the website. That doesn't mean the story isn't credible, but so far it has been hard to verify. I don't see any other news reports about this supposedly leaked Pentagon footage, and the Rumble.com story doesn't include many details except a nickname for the Pentagon worker who leaked the footage, "Miss X."

Do you think this footage is real? And if it is real, was it leaked by the Pentagon? Why not just officially release the footage, like it did before in 2017? Share your thoughts on this story and more, and whether or not you think UFO and Alien Disclosure is nearing, in the comments, or over on the Facebook page.