Daytime Sighting: UFOs Fly Around in Clear Video

1/13/2020 Update

Lots of clever folks online are suggesting that the "cluster" of hovering lights is really just a spider web sparkling in the sun. Although it appears to be a craft with blinking lights, that could just be due to the presence of nearby UFOs. Let me know what you think of this theory in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Original Article

Fascinating footage showing mystery lights flying around in the daytime has been uploaded to YouTube by a channel called "Paranormal Shaun" - and also emailed to me by the witness. The footage was allegedly taken on January 4th at 11:15 AM:

In the video, multiple bright orbs of light can be seen darting around the sky. They move extremely fast! As fast as they are, they don't move in odd directions and so could be ruled out as drones, military craft, or something else definitely not alien. However, at the :41 second part of the video, a "cluster of lights" blinking on and off is filmed hovering. These lights are not so easy to explain.

What's going on here? Hoax, misidentification, aliens?!? Please let me know any thoughts or theories you have about this sighting here in the comments or over on Facebook or Twitter.

Do you live in Houston? Did you also these UFOs? Report your sighting!