Dave Foley and Jeremy Corbell Headline Daylong UFO/Alien "Lockdown" Festival

We know that many of you are stuck at home right now, going stir crazy, and slowly running out of good UFO videos to watch. So, GLURP the Alien and I thought it would be fun to spend a whole day with you!

On Saturday, April 25th, 2020, we will be hosting a FULL day and evening of exclusive online, never-before-seen "UFO and alien"-themed interviews, livestreams, music, and more (including a live cooking demo and tarot card Q&A)!

Just because we can't get together in person, doesn't mean we can't get together online. There will, in fact, be a live chat available throughout the festival, so I hope you will all join in on the conversation!

"The Weird UFO Lockdown Fest" lineup will include GLURP the Alien and me (UFOJane!), cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard, news reporter Jess Rogge, researcher and author Ryan Sprague, actor and comedian Dave Foley, filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, musical performances by suwana and Majungas, an exciting online marketplace and sideshow, AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!!

The best part??? It's all FREE! We want you to have something fun and safe to look forward to - like free, online, easy-to-attend lectures and music performances, and like-minded friends to hang out with all day!

We also want to help you discover great authors, researchers, artists, musicians, jewelry makers, small business owners, and the like, who you perhaps have never heard of before, and who you can support right now!

Check out the festival website to keep up with all the latest festival announcements, view detailed info for every guest and event, and pretty much plan out your entire Saturday by the hour!!!

Hope to see you there!