Colorado Drone / UFO Mystery Deepens

After a bunch of news outlets (including this one) echoed headlines about a mysterious fleet of large, advanced drones flying over Colorado, the story took a super weird turn... I really have no idea what to think anymore.

For starters, a "former USAF intelligence expert" speculated that the drones could belong to the Navy. In his view, the drones were similar to the famous Tic Tac UFO witnessed by Navy pilots, and also captured on radar.

Colorado drone sightings
Possible drone/UFO sightings over Yuma County Colorado December 2019

Kansas UFO Group (Dubiously) Claims Credit

THEN! Perhaps just to make that USAF expert feel foolish, a Kansas UFO hunting group called ArchAngleRECON claimed that they were behind the drone sightings, and that they were simply looking for the famous Tic Tac UFO.

This news story, in my opinion, is very hard to believe... and folks on Twitter seem to agree with me, commenting that it would require a lot of money to acquire such an advanced fleet of drones. Not to mention, there is virtually no record online whatsoever of this Kansas UFO group. There is a YouTube gaming channel that goes by a similar name, however I so far haven't been able to find out if it is connected or not.

Whether or not you believe the former USAF intelligent expert's theory that these drones were advanced military craft, or this Kansas UFO hunting group's story that they were looking for UFOs with drones, or none of the above, there's a whole other piece of this puzzle to consider.

...Online Magazine Says the Drones Never Existed

According to a recent article by Aaron Gordon, of VICE / Motherboard magazine, the "drones never existed." And were really just a "classic case of mass hysteria." How could Aaron Gordon be so certain that the drones never existed? So certain in fact that he doesn't mind calling witnesses hysterical? Well, you see, the Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS) “confirmed no incidents involving criminal activity, nor have investigations substantiated reports of suspicious or illegal drone activity.”

I'm honestly not sure which of these news stories it the most eyeball rolling? The one where a barely-known UFO group says they've been looking for the Tic Tac UFO with high-tech drones, or the one where the Colorado Department of Public Safety does drone investigations and expects for someone to turn themselves in for illegal drone activity?

Fake News?

I'm not sure if the Colorado drone sightings remind me of other UFO sightings (like the Tic Tac), but it does remind me of other UFO news stories... the UFO field has always been riddled with "fake news," after all.

There are many famous, well-documented UFO cases that were reported as hoaxes or mis-identifications early on, for example the Phoenix Lights, Roswell, and the Rendlesham UFO incident in the UK. In almost all of these cases, you can find multiple debunkings, which all contradict each other and cannot all be true at once.

You can see an example of this in the screenshot below, which shows a BBC article explaining the Rendlesham UFO sighting as red, white and blue emergency lights coming from a patrol car, alongside a Wikipedia article explaining them as flares and balloons:

So, where do we go from here? I'm afraid this Colorado drone story has taken on a life of its own, and it may be increasingly difficult to get to the bottom of it.

But even if we can't get to the bottom of this story, UFOs are real and are really being seen. Same thing for drones! I don't think it's wild to assume some UFOs and/or drones were seen in Colorado recently. And that they may be seen again. So, keep your eyes to the sky!

If you happen to have a tip on this story, please let me know.