Alien Invasion or SpaceX Again? - Mass Sighting of UFOs Over the US

MUFON has been flooded with reports from all over the US of a fleet of unidentified flying objects traveling overheard. I also received many alarming testimonies. Even famed YouTuber Logan Paul seemed to catch these mysterious UFOs or "ships" on camera; his tweet about his sighting went viral.

YouTuber Logan Paul's tweet about UFO sighting goes viral

Most of the sightings occurred April 16th and 17th, however there were some leading up to those days as well. Here are some miscellaneous photos and testimonies from witnesses to give an even bigger, and perhaps stranger picture:

"Family and I saw 50-70 orbs fly across sky ... They moved in a straight line about the same speed. They were about 1-3 minutes apart and event lasted for about an hour." - Hamilton City, CA
Witness report CA:
"Saw a house size dark object that was a triangle with red non blinking lights moving to the east past my house, it then turned into a line of red lights that started out 3 changed to 4 then to 6 they traveled east in a single row for about 500 feet then they turned into a side by side formation and all of the lights started flashing simultaneously." - Kennewick, WA
Witness Report WA:
"Pulsating orb hovering and pulsating...The object hovered over the top of some homes and pulsated with a white/gold light. The light also seemed to increase and decrease in power at random. As I pulled away, the object seemed to follow me. The object appeared to make a choice to stick to the wooded areas as it followed the path of the highway." - Moscow, PA
Moscow PA Witness:

"Something big is happening and we're not being told. witnessed a feet of 75+ objects moving in the sky" - West Hills, CA

"30+ objects flying in straight lien, occasional bright pulse of light form an object" - Prineville, OR

Now, don't get too excited...or scared! According to mainstream news outlets, and many online who have reviewed the evidence, these "UFOs" weren't UFOs at all. But a fleet of "Starlink" satellites. This is actually not the first time that these satellites have been misidentified as UFOs. It's not even the second time!

What's odd, however, is although there was a SpaceX starlink launch planned for this time period, there were reports that it had been postponed. What's also odd is not all of the sightings can be clearly explained away as typical "Starlink" satellites in my opinion.

That said - if these lights are satellites, they seem to be greater and brighter in number than we've ever seen before. And they sure would provide a good cover for real secret fleet of UFOs...

As always, let me know what you think of this recent mass sighting in the comments.

Are aliens invading? Is Disclosure here? Or is Elon Musk just messing with us?

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