2 Mystery Objects Tracked on NASA ISS Livestream for About 3 Hours

2/25 Update: I've continued to investigate this and I'm still not sure we've cracked the case. Here's the latest:

Original story

A really great YouTube video showing NASA allegedly tracking a UFO for over 22 minutes during an ISS livestream is starting to rack up some views. However, it's actually a whole lot stranger than that....

I found the original ISS livestream from Friday, February 21st, 2020, that the YouTuber was referring to, and it turns out that NASA doesn't track this UFO for just 20 or so minutes, but for about THREE HOURS... as well, there are other UFOs that show up as well! You can view a gallery of video screenshots that I made, which show the first anomalous object traveling along with the ISS and then venturing out on its own - at one point a fiery glow streams behind it as if it is rocketing off. Weird, huh? Well, after that it gets even weirder.

Truth is Stranger Than a YouTube Conspiracy Video

20+ screenshots from real three-hour NASA ISS Livestream:

Highlights from real three-hour NASA ISS Livestream:

A Bone for the Skeptics...

Now, as fun as this stream is to watch, there is probably an explanation. According to an article on NASA.gov, the Cygnus cargo spacecraft was scheduled to arrive at the ISS around this time and this was all to be aired on NASA TV, and so maybe that's what we are watching in this three-hour ISS livestream:

Astronauts on ISS prepare for Cygnus arrival news
Astronauts on ISS prepare for Cygnus arrival https://blogs.nasa.gov/spacestation/2020/02/13/astronauts-relaxing-ahead-of-u-s-cargo-mission-2/
NASA plans for Cygnus arrival article
NASA plans for Cygnus arrival: https://www.nasa.gov/mediacast/this-week-nasa-february-21-2020

To be fair, there is no indication of anything strange or unexpected happening in the audio recording - in the beginning of the video, a woman discusses ordinary "technical" items. At one point, she even says the word "payload," which would support the theory that we are watching a "normal, man-made" object just going from one point to another... however, I'm not 100% sure it's the remotely controlled Cygnus cargo spacecraft, because, well, there's just no likeness.

So, perhaps NASA is just casually livestreaming a UFO as part of some "slow drip" UFO and Alien Disclosure effort!!! What do you think? Please share in the comments or on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! I love discussing these news stories with you.

Just Sayin'

If you do watch the full ISS stream, keep in mind that blackouts are common in ISS streams and shouldn't be used to accuse NASA of covering anything up - they are due to loss of signal, and as well, sunrise and sunset happens every 45 minutes and so often visibility is obscured. Now, I didn't say you couldn't accuse NASA of covering things up...I was just saying...