About The Weird UFO Show

UFOJane and her alien friend GLURP try to get to the bottom of aliens, UFOs, the paranormal, and other strange topics. GLURP has a hard time believing in any of it. Meanwhile, UFOJane interviews guests on a wide variety of subjects. Come witness the weirdness of The Weird UFO Show.

About Jane

Jane Kyle is a ufologist who has documented hundreds of UFO sightings on TexasUFOs.com and her YouTube channel. Jane's reporting has been featured in the Austin American Statesman, San Antonio Express News, the Drudge Report, the UK's Daily Express news, and more. Jane has a journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a 12-year career in writing and marketing. She lives with her family in her home state of Texas.

Shirts are from one of Glurp and UFOJane's very favorite fashion brands, Saucer.

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